kvm-wrapper is (yet another) virtual machines manager, to be used with KVM. It intends to be lightweight, simple (and hackable), and started as a tiny wrapper for personnal use. kvm-wrapper is written in shellscript only.



kvm-wrapper is still under developpement, but no major changes are planned for the moment.
If you have anything to ask please do so by sending a mail or via irc (contact at the bottom of the page)

The source code is available with git, either browsable at http://cgit.notk.org/gitolite/kvm-wrapper.git/ or clonable:

git clone http://git.notk.org/gitolite/kvm-wrapper.git

There is no and won't be any install script. The default working directory is to put everything in /usr/share/kvm-wrapper and to make a symlink to kvm-wrapper.sh from /usr/bin/kvm-wrapper; but it can be changed with the ROOTDIR variable in kvm-wrapper.sh
You will also need a set of vmlinuz and initrd to bootstrap your debian VMs, you can make your own, but you can find some here. I'll let you read the .conf and the errors to see what to do with these.


kvm-wrapper uses a few unix programs to manage everything


kvm-wrapper is under WTFPL(v2), so just do whatever the fuck you want with this.

If you are using it, we would be glad to hear from you!

-- kvm-wrapper, 2010-2020

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