Hey. This might be the place for me to gather the things I enjoyed working
on or toying with. Or anything else - we'll see.

Some (nonprofit) organizations I have worked for/with:
- VIA Centrale Réseaux
- Toile-Libre
- Franciliens.net

A few projects I have contributed to and stuff I have written:
- kvm-wrapper: a tiny qemu/kvm VM manager
- dmz-route: a tutorial to the ROUTE netfilter target
- slax repository: a Slax 6 modules repository I started after
  the release of Slax 6
- 8051 and OS X: Howto natively flash a Silabs's 8051 on OS X with
  the USB Debug Adapter
- peervpn on OS X: peervpn (p2p vpn) port for macosx
- upipe: flexible dataflow framework

Stuff I am usually interested in :
- computer networking
- embedded systems
- linux kernel, low-level system programming
- a bit of electronics
- general sysadmin
- any combination of the previous subjects, of course :)

You can fetch some (tiny dirty) patches I wrote here.
Repositories that might interest you here.

My openpgp key: FFBB5A99 (mit pgp server)

Finally for those who would like to fetch my CV: fr / en (and html version)